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Thank you for visiting my website! It's all about the
wonderful world of pollinators and why we should
protect them. But real quick before we move on...
What's a pollinator?
A pollinator is any animal (usually an insect) that
carries pollen from one flower to another. This process is called pollination, and it's what plants need to be able to reproduce and grow fruit. 
If you think about it, everybody needs pollinators: humans, livestock, wildlife, and just about
all of nature. You've probably heard about how much we rely on pollinators for our food, but have you thought about how pollinators benefit the food web and healthy ecosystems as well? Whether or not you care these issues, the loss of pollinators would affect each and every one of us.
Pollinator populations are decreasing not only in Ohio but also the entire nation. Habitat loss, pesticides, and diseases are all causes of the decline. Since there are multiple contributing factors, we should do our best to help pollinators in any way we can! 


Navigate between the tabs at the top of the screen!

Click on Crafts for handy, cool homemade diys that can help pollinators in your backyard.  Get as creative as you want! Easy to make and easy on the wallet. Not to mention super helpful towards this national pollinator issue. I have no clue why most of them are bottle themed.

Click on Learn for facts about native pollinator species in Ohio. Think Ohio's boring? Well, look no further past this page of cool species. Explore their unique roles in preserving Ohio's flora. Bonus if you can find my favorite species!

P.S. This page is not available on mobile because that would be a headache to look at.

Click on Research because there's not a single reason you should care...

There's a whole lot of reasons!

In fact, I'll tell you right now that pollinators are super important to our precious Earth and us humans. Learn more about their global impact, and by the end, you'll feel a lot more love toward those hardworking pollinators.

Click on About to get to know me and my Gold Award project. Thank you to all my helpers, advisors, and volunteers! 

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